Create time-lapse videos of your designs

Requires OS X 10.9+ and works great with Sketch 3.0.0+,
Photoshop and Illustrator 7.0+. Exports GIF or MOV.
Snapshot 1 Snapshot 2 Snapshot 3 Snapshot 4 Snapshot 5 Snapshot 6 Snapshot 7 Snapshot 8 Snapshot 9 Snapshot 10 Snapshot 11 Snapshot 12 Tip: mouseover the window

How it works

Drag a file before you start your design into Schnapps and it'll automatically detect changes every time you hit save in your design tool and take snapshot of your changing design

To view all taken snapshots, simply mouseover horizontally over window

Examples of use

Here are a few ways people are using Schnapps

Why we made this Be a better designer

Iterative design is a design methodology based on a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining a product or process. Based on the results of testing the most recent iteration of a design, changes and refinements are made. This process is intended to improve the quality and functionality of a design.

Source Wikipedia

“It’s the inquisitiveness, the sense of exploration. It’s about being excited to be wrong because then you’ve discovered something new.”